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Grateful Dead Live at Studio (Terrapin Station Outtakes) on 1977-02-20

Topics Live concert

Dancin' in the Streets, Sunrise, Passenger, Estimated Prophet, Fire on the Mountain, Equinox, Terrapin Station, Samson and Delilah

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Studio (Terrapin Station Outtakes)
Location Novato, CA

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Terrapin Station Outtakes; sbd>?>cdr; Seeded to etree by Paul Moreno


Reviewer: Arno15 - - May 26, 2015
Subject: Equinox
looking for that since 30 years.
I have it on an old Tape, but didn´t known the title.
But here i found that now.
Thank you very, very much
from Lübeck in Germany
Reviewer: - - May 20, 2015
Subject: Previously Released...
Equinox was on a previously released out take tape from many years ago and it was called At The Mercy of a Fool. I think What'll you Raise was on that tape too. Hunters Version of Terrapin goes on forever. There's no way Garcia was going to pick up that whole thing. It's still a shame that they only played the whole thing that one time. Also, the main reason why there are so many parts to Terrapin, and I know that you guys all know this little bit of trivia anyway, is because they had to deliver a certain amount of songs to Arista to complete their obligation for the album. Terrapin parts, same as Anthem of the Sun parts. Thats it for The Other one, quadlibet for tenderfeet, etc...
Reviewer: Boobounder - - October 17, 2014
Subject: Passenger and Fleetwood Mac
There's a story out there that Phil wrote Passenger as a response to a (1971-4 lamer period) Fleetwood Mac song called "Station Man". My understanding is that Phil thought that song was sucked. Well, for my part, in this version, I hear riffing on that "Station Man" theme throughout. This is different from other/later versions of "Passenger".
Reviewer: c-freedom - - December 25, 2013
Subject: Equinox is a tune without a home.
To tell the story of Terrapin Station had to require more effort from Jerry then let's say
a song like "Don't Ease Me In"
Equinox is a part of the Terrapin time period but everything Jerry had to say musically is captured in the Terrapin Suite at that time.(And then some)
Hey, I have no problem with the song Equinox but by the time Shakedown comes down in 78 it no longer fits with the Dead's flow.
If Jerry wanted to tinker with the song he could have played it with JGB
Also I am pretty sure Phil had a hand in the writing of Equinox and much of what Phil does is complex (AKA-Unbroken Chain) it may have been something that just required more effort to bring along than could be spared at the time.(That is my main point)
also lyrically -From my perspective as a singer I have to be into what I am singing. Maybe Jerry just did not have any deep interest in the tune.
I know many people despised DAY JOB yet it held Garcia's interest regularly for a few years and I would have to say he liked exploring those lyrics even if many heads did not.
Reviewer: Xpanding MAn - - March 20, 2013
Subject: Wow, as close as I'll get to a live full Terrapin
To echo a previous reviewer, this is an awesome Terrapin suite, with the "At A Siding" portion as well. Worth a listen!
Reviewer: njpg - - February 20, 2013
Subject: Some good stuff.
Nice to check out on a rainy day.
Reviewer: Sedula - - June 12, 2009
Subject: Performing Equinox
Chris Freedom Said: "If Terrapin was not such a demanding tune lyrically perhaps Garcia would have taken Equinox out on the road."

I don't understand this statement. What does performing Terrapin have to do with performing another song? If they wanted to play Equinox they would have. Why would the lyrics of another tune have any impact on performing a different tune? That makes no sense to me, as a musician by trade.
Reviewer: MaddHatter - - July 23, 2008
Subject: Fantastic
This is excellent material thanks for posting this!!
Reviewer: NightfallofDiamonds - - July 17, 2008
Subject: not live dead...... but.....
Still more fun than a barrel of monkeys

She reclines, closing her eyes, the sun thats setting is bound to rise
Reviewer: looks like Phil. - - March 29, 2008
Subject: Studio Magique
I'm always a fan of the studio out-takes, the stripped back and under-construction feel provides an intermasy that does not come though so much on the albums.

Gotta hear Terrapin.
Reviewer: jdesrochers - - December 19, 2007
Subject: thank you
this is a great recording that i have not heard in a long time
Reviewer: FuzzyTom - - June 1, 2007
Subject: Awsome
Really cool stuff here. Thanks for posting.
Reviewer: Chris Freedom - - March 30, 2007
Subject: Equinox
If Terrapin was not such a demanding tune lyrically perhaps Garcia would have taken Equinox out on the road. It is a nice enough tune and "the mercy of a fool line" evokes classic dead imagery, but if you listen to the 'Fire' you can hear that Garcia has not even settled on which of Hunters lyrics to use on Fire on the Mountain.
Equinox gets eclipsed by Fire and Terrapin
Reviewer: garp6600 - - November 16, 2006
Subject: Fire worth a DL!
Man o' man this is taking me waaaaay back. I had a cassette of this in 1983. It is beautiful to hear it in this format! This is one of my favorite versions of Fire ever... Thanks again for an incredible selection, to say that I love this site and what you do here doesn't even say enough!
Reviewer: luckybertha74 - - November 16, 2006
Subject: oh my god's!!!!!
Where do you guys find this stuff soooo sweet. Chills every time, keep it comin
Reviewer: nambo - - November 15, 2006
Subject: Good Stuff
Thanks again Archive for the treats...Keep em' comin..
Reviewer: StaggerRaggin11 - - November 13, 2006
Subject: good stuff
awesome equinox, first live one i've heard.
Reviewer: familiarfan - - July 15, 2006
Subject: Poigniant
Very strong Fire on the Mountain.
Reviewer: DEADBUCK - - February 20, 2006
Subject: where is 3/18/77
I will appeal to the higher power.
Reviewer: secret8476 - - July 10, 2005
Subject: contraversy
OK ...someone help me out here...
First of all , this can be considered Terrapin Station Part 1 since there is a second half that Robert Hunter wrote , but jerry never put music too .
So , on the album it is listed as :
Terrapin Station
Lady with a fan
Terrapin Station
Terrapin Transit
At A Siding
Terrapin Flyer

Lady with a fan - opening lyrics , let my inspiration flow

Terrapin station - 2nd half of song - Inspiration - move me brightly

Terrapin - the end repeating riffs (in later days often lead into drums during shows)
---with 3/18/77 as the exception , this is all that was ever played in concert

Terrapin Transit - trippy slidework on album instrumental section leads into a different jam sequence with vocals....

At A Siding - the lyrical portion end of the song **While you were gone - these spaces filled with darkness - the obvious was hidden- with nothing to believe in the compass always points to Terrapin. - Sullen wings of fortune beat like rain - your back in terrapin for glory or ill again ** leading into a different jam sequence -

Terrapin Flyer - very jammy instrumental (my favorite portion of the entire song on album)

Refrain- the end reprisal that goes back to the Terrapin Riffs - only adding vocals singing the word **Terrapin** on the album.

Whew - ok so the point of all this?
A. Am i correct with this corralation?

B. If so , and 3/18/77 was the exception to the rule , what was actually played that evening was the Terrapin Transit instrumental section ,At A Siding (withouth the lyrics) and a portion of Terrapin Flyer that lead into drums .

Heres my grudge
Why on earth is this labeled as Alahambra , and the show that is posted on the site here has over a minutes worth of the end of Terrapin in the drums file. So to hear the song in its entirty from that evenning , download Terrapin , Alahambra and Drums - listen to it , and listen to the album. It all matches up , section by section , and somehow became labeled Alahambra.

by the way i think it stinks this entire song was not played live more than once. The lyrics on At A Siding are great and the instrumentals rock - its right up there on my **Why did they never bring back Ripple or St. Steven** wish list.
Reviewer: happy420 - - July 6, 2005
Subject: Extra
This is an interesting bit of behind the scenes stuff. Early and different versions of "Passenger" and "Fire". Check out 3/18/77 for the only live performance of "Terrapin" as it is presented here.
Reviewer: GDTrey - - June 17, 2005
Subject: INCREDIBLE!!!
Wow, this is truly awewome. I love finding or being shown studio outakes or soundchecks on archive. Hearing the boys noodle around is sick. There's a great one from 1990 when Bruce joined the band. Check it out. This '77 outake is very cool. The boys do a section of Terrapin that only appears on the album. Pretty neat. Worth downloading!!
Reviewer: spinneresque - - June 17, 2005
Subject: Got it....
The mystery section you are referring is from the album Terrapin Station (at a siding?) Everyone always wished they would do this live. So this D/L is extra cool because here they are doing a 'live' version, just in the studio. Very fun.
Reviewer: Urthmover - - June 15, 2005
Subject: WHOA....utterly AMAZING section of Terrapin?

Dear all the lucky people that have found this archive,

Start listening @ 09:30 mark of the above Terrapin version:

I have been listening to that particular part of this Terrapin version daily..for weeks and weeks. What is this called? Is there anywhere else that GD recorded this? Please post any answers and information you have about this mystery section of music.

(P.S. It's always cool when you find a "new" dead track that strays from the usual understanding of why you love the dead so much :-)

Reviewer: Darkstr56 - - March 31, 2005
Subject: info
Just so everyone knows, this is the same outakes as the 2/17/77 Terrapin/Mars outakes. The only difference is the 2/17 version has the three outakes from Mars ("Unbroken","Cucamonga", and "Money, Money"). I almost downloaded both of these, so i thought id post this before someone else did the same thing.
It is a really fun outakes cd though, I really enjoy the Mars outakes the most. Most of us know that the GDead did there magic live, but it is always fun to hear studio stuff, just dont be dissapointed if your mind isnt blown in two:)

Reviewer: seth_moeron - - December 25, 2004
Subject: Nice Gem
Great outakes. I really enjoy the fire.
Reviewer: oceantree - - November 20, 2004
Subject: what a gem
This little nugget is a real treat- studio outtakes are always fun, and these pieces are gorgeous... the funky Passenger is interesting! Definitely worth having.
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